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Russell Barkley’s Books on ADHD

Russell Barkley's Books on ADHD9781462507894

Here is the covers of Russell Barkely’s guides to managing ADHD. Click on the cover to be taken to the site to purchase them.

The world’s foremost ADHD, ADHD Researcher.

The world’s foremost ADHD, ADHD Researcher.

Dr. Russell Barkley has lots of useful things on his website about ADHD and some of the misunderstandings.  His book, Taking Charge of Adult ADHD was extremely helpful to me.  I also recommend it to parents of children.

Sleep Disorders and ADHD

Sleep Disorders and ADHD

There is substantial diagnostic overlap between disorders of sleep and ADHD.

Purpose, Clarification, Admission of Confirmation Bias

My name is Sean and I am a 28 year old Ph.D. Candidate in an Experimental Psychology Doctoral Program with a concentration in Cognitive Neuroscience.  My research interests are in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD), and Sleep.

I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 8, and have followed what many would call an unconventional path to get to where I am today.  That being said, this blog will be filled with rampant conformation bias of my own history and my own research questions, because that’s how human beings work.

I will do my best to provide literature, posts, or anecdotal stories that can hopefully in someway help someone do things in  a less difficult manner than I did.

I welcome challenges to my viewpoints and encourage open discussion of issues.